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I have a little boy who just turned 2. I know it's early to potty train him but I have a lot riding on him being able to start in a kindergarten in September, for which he needs to be trained.

Previously (with my 2 girls) I've waited until they're 'ready' and that's been at almost 3. If they didn't catch on immediately I stopped for a few months and that was fine with me and seemed best for them.

But for my little boy, with a baby sibling on the way soon IY"H I don't have long to settle him into daycare, and this kindergarten is the one he's taken his big sister to every day this year, so it should be a relatively easy transition. Plus it means I only have to go to one place in the morning to drop off all my kids. Plus having him out in the mornings means I can work with only the baby (IY"H) home. I think working with 2 kids home, even with a baby sitter, is not really practical. 

So in spite of my reservations I am trying to 'push' him to be trained. I know plenty of people who've done things on their schedules rather than their kids. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to teach him this skill before he's worked it out himself?
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I think that training him will be harder if he isnt ready but its dooable--- you just have to be on top of it -time the accidents so you know when to expect him to go, this is on the assumption that he eats at the same time each day- and help him out, my boys potty trained themselves pretty much at the ages of 2 and a half- both hated the potty -it was a messy every time so they just used a stool and my help at first and became pros- my girls who are older started at 3 and transitioned via potty first- so I think with boys its easier- but each child is different. Good Luck, and also rethink daycare if it isnt too out of the way- I'll tell you why- I did this with my 1st son when I was pregnant with his brother/gave birth when he was turning 2- instead of day care I put him near his sisters in a private gan- BIG mistake...I shouldve just put him somewhere he would get more pampered/treated as a baby for his own emotional growth and need- he is 3 and a half now and I feel like I rushed him into being more mature when he could've totally used more of the babying he now demands here and use your instincts to find a happy medium, I know having things be convenient is a big deal but dont we all know that being a mom is sometimes inconvenient in the early stages but pays off later when they have to advance forward. behatzlacha 

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You can try to use the "elimination communication" principles - notice when your child is "making", then get them as quickly to a potty or toilet to have them finish there. It is also recommended to make a verbal cue - like "sssssss" to indicate that you know they are making and it is OK to make there.

Most of my kids were trained for #2 before #1 using this method.

The other thing to do is the 24-hour potty training method - have a whole day to sit mostly on the toilet, with books, toys, snacks, and LOTS of drinks. Every time you have a success, give the child a prize.

To night train (after daytime training), line the bed with towels and put them to sleep without a diaper - most kids catch on after a few nights of waking up wet!
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I think the main thing about having a goal for our children, is to remember that although the effort is up to us, the result is up to Hashem. 

Absolutely, do whatever it is you think is best for you and your son, attempt to train him without guilt, and sign him up for your dream gan. Then allow yourself the luxury of not being stressed over the result. 

If he doesn't train in time, it's Hashem's decision, and certainly not your failure: and it's the best thing for both of you, to be sure.

B'Hatzlacha! I've got an almost twosie boy who isn't quite ready to potty train....though he's fully aware of what he's doing, he's not interested in the potty, except to sit on it for a snack!!!

BTW: I noticed that he loves to ride on his bimba without the seat/lid, and I thought that would make a brilliant potty! I'm going to tell him to sit on the bimba and ride it around without the nappy on .... do you want to try it and see if it works?
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You really found a way to make this whole process easeir.
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