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Chaya Hinda Allen
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Mothers speak about the

Jewish Positive Thinking women’s workshops with Chaya Hinda Allen

workshops have the bracha and haskama of Rabanim and Admorim shlita

My daughter was having trouble reading. She just wasn’t getting into it and wasn’t enjoying it. After beginning to understand the power of our thinking I asked myself the question “ what’s wrong here, what am I thinking?” The answer was surprising but immediately obvious -It was me, I was so nervous because I had been a poor student and I was scared that history was repeating itself with my daughter. I began to notice when I sank into such negative kinds of thinking, and changing thoughts to “ B’ezras Hashem my daughter enjoys reading and is a successful student”. It was really amazing within a few days I found her taking  a book off the shelf and reading on her own, something she’d never done before.

My daughter always slept in my bed, she just never went to sleep in her own bed! It got to the point where it really bothered me but I didn’t know what to do. Through Jewish Positive Thinking I began to imagine her going off to sleep happily in her own bed, lo and behold the next night she turned to me and asked me to put her to bed, I didn’t even know she knew how to say such words! She lay down and I used another technique where I sent powerful feelings of love towards her, in a millisecond she was fast asleep!

Everyone had told us that it’s so hard to find a wedding dress for the bride to be. This one went to five places before she found, that one only found a dress three days before the wedding, everyone with their own story. I did a JPT exercise seeing my daughter radient in a dress she loves and us both thanking Hashem that we found a dress so quickly.
I had made two appointments in different places for one morning just in case, and we arrived right on time at the first. The people before us took a little bit of extra time so we looked around at the lovely dresses hanging up and my daughter the kalla showed me the aspects she liked on the various dresses around us. Soon we were ushered into the gorgeous salon and my daughter showed the owner those details that she wanted. The attendants pulled out a few dresses and it soon became clear that one of them was just perfect for her. As soon as she put it on I could just see her dancing in it, greeting guests and kissing her grandmother! She tried on a few more just for the fun of it, and then put back on the dress. We all knew it was the one. “That’s it” she asked “I have the dress already?” meaning, I don’t have to run around and do any more hishtadlus! Yes we had found it! Later over coffee and a bagel I shared with her that the other dresses were all beautiful on her , but when she put on that dress all of a sudden I just saw her at the hall, dancing and greeting the guests. “So did I “ she replied” I guess that’s Hashem’s way of telling us that we’d found what we were looking for!”

I had Baruch Hashem some challenging years with one of my sons. He had been in and out of a few yeshivas and the road had been quite rocky. I had always tried to be there for him and through Jewish Positive Thinking I was able to translate my great love for him out of worry and into focused love and positiveness. At one point I was a bit stuck and didn’t know what to do. I knew he needed help but didn’t know what, or how to offer it, these things can be sticky! After all that I had learned in the JPT workshops I had absorbed the fact that Hashem guides me always, and that if I need to know the way forward He will get me the information I need. So I put that question to Hashem, I asked Him “What can I do now for my son?” I wanted Hashem to guide me to maybe a therapy or a tutor or something like that. Rebbetzin Feuer shared with the JPT class that in her family they had a tradition that if they had a dilemma they would know that the next conversation they would have would have or a situation they would be in would give them an answer. So I was waiting for something like that. Soon I had a conversation and someone said to me- just listen to him and I realised that this was my answer, my son just needed me to be more there for him to actively listen. I began to take the time to sit and listen to what he had to say in ways I hadn’t been doing, and I saw B”H he passed through that rough spot and continued on his ascent towards a happy productive Jewish life. JPT taught me to know  that “Hashem guides the footsteps of man” is not theory, but REAL, Hashem is involved in our lives in a constant and immediate way, it’s up to us -as the Gerrer Rebbe put it- to let Him in. That’s what Jewish Positive Thinking helps me to do.

"Our generation needs these tools. It is so important. You have a mitzva to teach these workshops"
   Rebbetzin Luba Feuer (daughter of HaRav Gifter Zatzal)

"The shiurim are very interesting and uplifting. They are a tremendous source of chizuk for positiveness. They help you grow in emuna and bitachon. They bring a great deal of menuchas hanefesh. Listening to the CD exercises has a very calming effect; it promotes shalom bayis, good middos such as ahavas Yisrael, hakaras hatov and tovas ayin, and enhances your tefillos and Shabbosos.
It is a very worthwhile investment for life."
  Rebbetzin Bassie Hardt wife of Rav Shmuel Dovid Hardt Rav of Kehilas Emunas Yisrael Beitar Illit, Israel

Contact us : In the USA (215) 745-3996 In Israel (02) 580 6449
Free teleconferencing lectures coming up:
Forgiveness - A gift to oneself
Special guest speaker will be joining us
Rebbetzin Luba Feuer
Mon. Aug. 22, 10:00 AM EST
Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075,
Playback number: (712) 432-1085, Access code:949027

Enjoying Another's Success - The path to prosperity
Tue. Aug. 23, 10:00 AM EST
Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0900
Playback number: (712) 432-0990 Access code: 313917

Achieving Authentic Jewish Self Esteem
Thur. Aug. 25, 10:00 AM EST
Conference dial-in number: (712) 432-0075
Playback number: (712) 432-0990 Access code: 656799

To listen live via Skype: Skype User: freeconferencing
Use the keypad to enter the appropriate access code.

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Holy conicse data batman. Lol!
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