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So, kind of feel weird sharing this, but who else can understand the need for some freedom after this summer vacation/ punishment...I dont feel that being with my kids is punishment AT ALL- but our summer in the south of Israel had us indoors and without a lot of options for outdoor fun- so I have just been praying and waiting for school to start and for a schedule to get going- and I know its only been three days into the whole back to school thing- but tomorrow I planeed on hearing Yemima Mizrahi's shiur in Tel Aviv - after not hearing her for a whole month- and just a day of getting organized etc etc- and tonite I spent 4 hours in the emergency room with my daughter who fell and hurt her chin- and tomorrow we have to go back to get her jaw checked- I myself am on antibiotics and need to get lab work done in the morning- and its like- I am SO in need of some time to just breathe- but there's always something!!!! -always- like the floor you just finished washing and your 2 year old misses the potty while his brother spills all his cereal all over the floor- and i know these things happen and its fine-- just why within the 45 minutes I just finished slaving over the floor??!! and the dishes you get done washing and then your inlaws pop in for coffee- and so your not gonna offer them paper cups even though you just swore you'd tape the cupboard shut for a week and eat only on plastic!!- I just feel like the "murphys law" has been haunting me for the last month or so- like getting a seatbelt ticket for one of my kids the other day when i am the ONLY american Israeli that has carseats for everyone and buckles them all the time -even for a trip to the corner store- i even buckled her before we left but she unbuckled and there you go- just a bunch of ironic stuff like leaving things at home that i didnt plan on needing and then needing them and then taking them and not using them- so i am bereft of words and dont see the light at the end of the tunnel which for me means- coming hme in the morning and sitting down for a cup of coffee with reading material in front of me without an errand or a care in the world for a few hours!

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Essays like this are so important to broadening people's hiroozns.
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