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Esther Kohn
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Hi. My name is Esther Kohn. I'm from New Zealand and lived in Australia and Israel and currently living in Antwerp, Belgium.I'm married with  4 kids. A 6 and a half yr old boy, a 5 yr old girl and 21 month old twin girls. I'm a stay at home mom and really enjoy reading Jenny's blogs. Keep up the great work.
Chana Jenny Weisberg
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Esther, welcome!!!
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Hello Chana Jenny, hello to all the JewishMoms!
My name is Anne-Sophie, I am French and live in Paris; I have got four kids, G-d bless them, between 9 months and 10. I am religious in the Bne Akiva style! I am between WM and SHM, since I work three mornings a week as a teacher to sick children in mental hospital, but the rest of the time I am with my baby and kids! And I love it!! I love cooking, reading, and when I have some time I listen to the great chiourim by R' Tsipporah Heller (thanks to JEwishMoms, again!!) and Shira Smiles, I recommend them it has changed my life!!!
 I am a huge fan of JewishMoms and I look forward to new posts each time I open my laptop!! To me, Chana jenny is like a good friend and it's also a taste from Eretz Israel that she brings into my house!! And so much Hizouk...
Thank you Chana Jenny and keep going!! Chabat Chalom

Sara Lea
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Hi everybody ! also french, Ilive in Paris! my mother is american that's why Ispeak English; I have got two kids and Iam rather secular but I love reading spiritual texts and the Torah; are ther any other French there????
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Hi, my name is Devorah. I live way out of town in San Jose, California (45 minutes south of San Francisco). I have one daughter who is 18 months old. I currently work in the office of my local Jewish educational organization, the Jewish Study Network. 
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