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I don't recall reading this in any of the posts, but I suggest the occasional playdate. Your house may be messier and noisier (but they are more likely to clean up as a group) but the dynamic will change a lot. The kids will focus on each other and not on you, and you can hang out with the other mother - and take turns intervening when necessary.
A mother's helper, even a 10-year-old, also changes the dynamic. I had them when my son was born. They always think your kids are cute (even when you can't see it), will play with them, and smile when you just can't anymore. Your kids will love the extra attention and you get an extra pair of hands for not much money.

Good luck - and take a nap!
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How could any of this be better sttaed? It couldn't.
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Very true! Makes a cnhage to see someone spell it out like that.
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We've arvierd at the end of the line and I have what I need!
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