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Chana Jenny Weisberg
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My daughter's home, and she's BORED! 

How are YOU keeping your kids occupied during these long summer vacation days? I just got the following idea from Chaya Cohen of Jerusalem, which I thought was fantastic:  

"On the very first day of vacation (the ONLY day so far without summer camps for some of my kids), my children started complaining that they were bored. I sat down and made the "yesh" logo like the supermarket and wrote "yesh li ma laasot" (I have something to do). I made a list of ideas of activities, projects, etc, and got to 68 ideas!  Just having that list calmed them so much, since now they can see the options. Every time they start complaining now, I tell them to look at the list.  It has made a HUGE difference in the atmosphere here!"

How are you eemas occupying your own bored children? Please write your ideas below:

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so making lists helps a lot...the three weeks and now tisha bav threw out a few things that were good time killers like swimming (in a kiddie pool) or going to the seperate beachnearby, plus the heat really makes everyone want to be indoors- so yesterday we sat at the table after eating breakfast and I asked my kids to brainstorm what we could make out of the 2 empty egg cartons and some cereal boxes...after everyone's ideas were in -we picked one and went all the way wth it- so the winner was a bee hive and bees flying around the tree where the bee hive was- so we painted, glued, assembled, used all kinds of stuff to make a really clever project - and after washing up the kids were content and excited over waiting for it to dry and showing aba later on. I aso help them do a re-organization of their room/toys/clothes- giving away the things that are small or unused and they love the new look of the room as well. making room size tents out of bed sheets- or in the living room and eating a snack there- or reading stories- they loe that stuff..and of course whipping cream or cutting up fruit salad...just some ideas i have used. behatzlacha! 

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I found just what I was needed, and it was enteritaning!
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