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If yes, please contact

She is organizing for her sister in law, a young woman with cancer…

See below for more details…


From: Malkah Fleisher []
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 10:43 PM


Shalom Dear Friends,


A few weeks ago, my husband's sister was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Rachel is a young woman. She was married less than 2 years ago, works hard as a PhD student at Columbia University, and has her hopes set on starting a family. She has already undergone a surgery, and is preparing for the reality of chemotherapy, which includes threats to her reproductive system and the loss of her trademark curly hair. Her shocking diagnosis - which is considered more serious because of her young age (breast cancer is generally more aggressive in younger women) - has hit everyone around her hard, even as we gear up to fight.


Luckily for us, YOU have the potential to be one of the most potent weapons in our arsenal! Here's how:


I am organizing a campaign to bake challah in the merit of my sister-in-law, RACHEL CHAYA BAT TZIONA. It is considered a very auspicious practice, a source of immense blessing, for women (and men) to conduct the mitzvah of "hafrashat challah" in the merit of a person in need of healing. The more people the better. Let's bake this cancer right out!

If you would like to be a part of this righteous and selfless act of dedicating your challah baking to the full and speedy recovery of RACHEL CHAYA BAT TZIONA, here is what you need to know:


1. The challah baking will take place for Shabbat Nachamu (bread being made for this upcoming shabbat, which will begin on the night of August 12). This shabbat is a very special one. After expressing His extreme displeasure with the Jewish People (which we commemorate during the Three Weeks) by distancing Himself and destroying our beloved Temple, G-d sends a message this shabbat: Be comforted, for I am still with you. As the weeks progress, G-d increases His consolation of the Jewish People until a big celebration takes place between Him and us - Rosh Hashanah, continuing on through our absolution on Yom Kippur and our joyous festivities on Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret. As this is the end of our punitive period, and the beginning of a time of reunion with G-d for all of us, I thought it would be the most appropriate time to come together to bless Rachel for complete health, a long life, and much happiness.


2. The name to keep in mind as you do hafrashat challah (if you don't know what this is, I have included information below) is RACHEL CHAYA BAT TZIONA.


3. Any participant is welcome! However, because I am looking for at least 40 CHALLAH BAKERS, it would help me a lot to get your commitment in advance, so I can know how far we are from achieving our goal.


4. If there is anyone else you need to pray for, please include his/her name and the hoped-for result during this baking! Blessing isn't stingy ;-) I would especially like to recommend additional prayers for our friends, ELIEZER CHAIM BEN ZELDA TZIPPORAH and TZURIYA KOCHEVET BAT SARAH, very special Jews who are ALSO battling serious cancers. Please feel free to pray for those who are seeking livelihoods, life mates, children, or any other of life's great privileges - don't forget to pray for yourself!






Jewish women are in charge of a few very special mitzvot. One of them is called "hafrashat challah" - the separation of challah, in which Jewish women remove a piece of their bread dough in order to give is as an offering to G-d (see the Book of Numbers, 15:20-21). When the Temple is in business (may it be so speedily, and in our days), this means taking rolls (or in the case of bakeries, loaves of bread) to the Priests. Because we don't have a functional Temple today, we burn this portion (about the size of an egg) in commemoration of this practice.




This is a mitzvah created especially for women - but if you are a man over the age of Bar Mitzvah, you can also fulfill this unique commandment. In order to be able to say the blessing on this mitzvah, you have to use a lot of flour - at least 3 lbs, 11oz, or 1 and 2/3 kilos of flour. I know - you probably won't want to eat all that bread in one sitting! The good news is that you can:


*shape the challahs and freeze the remaining dough to be used another week.

*bake the challahs and give them to friends/family - you will be the talk of the town!

* eat french toast every day!




After you mix all your ingredients, you stand before your dough. Before shaping or baking it, you remove an egg-sized piece. Say the following blessing:





Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to separate challah.


Hold the separated dough in your hand. Ask G-d for a full and speedy recovery for RACHEL CHAYA BAT TZIONA (and Eliezer Chaim ben Zelda Tzipporah and Tzuriya Kochevet bat Sarah and anyone else you may know who is ill). Pray for your friends, your family, your relationships, your goals, your growth and the good of yourself and all the Jewish People. Open up your heart and ask for whatever you want - this is a very opportune time! If you don't know a person's Hebrew name, or if the person is not Jewish, you can still pray for them - G-d will know who you are talking about.

When you are done, wrap the egg-sized piece in aluminum foil, and cook it until it is burned in the oven, or place the ball on the stovetop and burn it there, until it is nice and burnt-smelling. Then, proceed with the shaping and baking of your challah. Enjoy!


THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! In the merit of your participation, may you never know any sorrow, illness, or trouble. May G-d watch over you, bless you and safeguard you - and all the good people of the world - now and forever.

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