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My three year old is having a tough time transitioning to gan.  She was in the same maon for three years, it was comfortable and she knew it.  Still sometimes she had trouble saying goodbye, and has trouble with transitions in general.  She very much likes to be in control. 
Now she's in gan and she was OK for the first three days when I picked her up at 2 but now that tzaharon has started its really hard.  We're trying a sticker chart.  A friend suggested that she could bring some kind of comfort object, but she doesn't really have one.
Any other ideas?
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well, I have an almost 3 yr old thats also having a hard time and also has to be in control thankfully they chose him as the shabbat aba- so bringing treats to give out really made him feel good about going in- and today his teacher let him open the gate alone and he agreed to go in- so I guess its just a matter of learning how to deal with her from the ganenet's point of view and also having positive energy when sending her in plays a big roll cuz they feel our insecurities...good luck!

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